5 Ft Diameter Drone Launch Pad


5 Ft diameter Drone Launch Pad insures clean take offs and landings.

Easy setup-springs into shape when released from carry bag.
8 lb Zinc coated perimeter cable weight keeps Drone Launch Pad in place without stakes.
Keeps your camera lens clean during take off and landing.
Protects rotors from tall grass and pebble strikes.
Prevents dirt from sucking through motor bearings and causing premature motor failure.
Rugged, bright orange denier polyester pad with black heliport markings and compass headings is easily found when returning to base.
Collapses quickly to 20" carry bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transport...simply fold and twist the large pad into 3 smaller circles and place in bag.
Safety feature: 5 ft diameter bright orange circle launch pad alerts general pilots of manned aircraft above that a drone is flying in the area.
Launch Pad carry bag serves as a notice to pedestrians of a drone flying in the area. (just place empty bag handles over a tripod.
Rustproof components clean up with a wet towel.
Product Weight: 5 lbs

FOR THE FOLLOWING DRONES: (Or similar size drone)

DJI Inspire
DJI S900
DJI S1000+
DJI Matrice 600

Yuneec Typhoon 4K
Yuneec Typhoon H
Yuneec Tornado H920